"Each [press release] is ... of such quality that it comes as no surprise
that both should have an identical provenance, a vendor of public relations
by the name Shaw PR. "This outfit is one of those which, when landed with
a client of an especially unpromising nature doesn't despair or take fright."
Iain Murray, Media Week
"It's fantastic. A great job"
Vijay Chaudhari, President of Marketing, Pura Cat Litter
"Fantastic work. Very impressive,"
Adrian Chapman, Marketing Manager, SingTel Europe
"Thank you very much for the copy for the new website.
We love the writing style. It's great!"
Dunja Zivkovic, Communication & Marketing, Swiss Re
"The ads and the reviews have produced an excellent response,
particularly corporate enquiries. Well done."
Joe Sripitana, Marketing Manager, Thai Square Restaurants
"Good Stuff"
Colin Wong, MD, Aroma Restaurant Group
"These guys really are very good"
Charles Phelines, Director, Fusion Property Services
"Brilliant. Thank you for your efforts"
Ross Nicholson, Owner, Colebrookes Wine Bar
"Great stuff"
Karen Wood, Director, Woods Restaurant
"National coverage for a Ramsgate restaurant,
above and beyond all expectations"
Tim Garbutt, Director, Surin Restaurant
"Your clever ideas never cease"
Catherine Velge, Director, Hand Picked Wines
"Some great stuff there"
Andrew Frisby, MD, OrderOnlineNow.co.uk
"Please convey to your team our sincere appreciation for their effort,
dedication and enthusiasm. We genuinely hold your team in high regard as individuals ... we have worked so very hard to fulfil this dream and ambition."
Don Koulaouzos, CE, ClubSix
"I would like to thank you for a job well done. The press briefing
exceeded my expectations, there were far more attendees than I had
expected and most of them seemed of good quality".
Steve Kelly Country Manager Blaze Software (UK) Ltd
"I really appreciate the help you have given ICOM and me personally
over the past year. I think you did more than anyone to help me
position ICOM and delivered some excellent coverage".
Terry Childs ICOM Informatics Limited
"Shaw PR has really helped create an identify for the company and
projected an image that we were a much larger organisation than
we really were. This was a real boost to the business in the early
days when we were very small"
Des, Desai, Commercial Manager, Ethan Adams
"When I sold the company, the propective purchasers opened the books and
were quite surprised. They thought were a very much larger concern. "How comes you get so much media coverage", they asked. "A good PR company", I replied.
Ian Black, MD, DS Group
"Shaw PR has been singularly responsible for raising the profile of the
company and re-positioning the company in the eyes and minds
of our stakeholders"
Dave Flack, Group Marketing Manager, Torridon plc
"Superlative media buying. There's none better. They save me a fortune"
Simon Shute, MD MicroWay Europe