It's a little known fact that Joslin Shaw was the first London advertising agency to have its own website.

Working for a number of American tech companies in the early and mid '90s gave us an early insight to, what was at the time referred to as, 'the Information Super Highway'.

The site wasn't that great by today's standards. But given the limits of HTML in those days it was OK.


Although we're fully conversant with the capabilities of Flash technology, you'll find that it's used sparingly on the sites we design. Our client's customers generally want to find relevant information - quickly - not stare at moving images

We're at a lost to understand why some designers devote so much time generating jazzy home pages, only to offer the user a 'click here to skip into' button.

These are some of our recent offerings

Alisan Restaurant
Aroma Restaurants
Colebrooke's Wine Bar
Brookman Solicitors
Samuel Marks